The Explanation

I’m dating someone now. Some of it comes naturally; some of it doesn’t. But I desperately want to do dating right, so for the past year, I’ve read, emailed, and discussed this all with friends.

But it wasn’t enough. I wanted a way to refer my friends and their friends to quality thoughts on dating without having to search through my email, tell them to buy a book because of my favorite chapter, or text a reminder to search google for a specific term. Also, I haven’t found something quite like this. I’ve seen a lot of “Here are good relationship books to read” or websites that features articles from their own website/authors, which is useful. But nothing that pulls the content from here and there to help think through the dating thing comprehensively.

Now that this has been created, my problem has been solved!

The How-to

– If you’re interested, all you have to do is read through The List.
The other blog posts hold content that link into the main list, so don’t worry about missing out!

– I happen to be a girl, so many of these links are more relevant from a girl’s perspective.
I also happen to be a Christian, so many of the thoughts are written from that perspective as well.

– There are many articles and book notes I didn’t include – it would have been impossible. If you have a favorite, or a few favorites, feel free to share or better yet, make your own collection of helpful dating thoughts!


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