People Who Are Good For You

People who are good for you have a threefold effect over time:

1. You end up closer to God. This person does not take you away from God. This does not mean that he sees himself a spiritual giant. It means that he shows you more of who God is – God’s love and God’s nature – as a result of your relationship. He lives God’s ways, and you can experience God together.

2. You end up closer to others. You are a more relational person and grow in your capacity to relate to others. You trust more, not less. You are more open, not shut down or kidnapped to just this relationship. You have grown in your relationship capacities as fruit of being with this person.

3. You become more of yourself. Instead of a person causing you to lose parts of yourself to be around him, the relationship helps you find more of who God created you to be. You expand, grow, stretch, and become a better and more whole you, not less of you.

An excerpt from How to Get a Date Worth Keeping by Dr. Henry Cloud


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