A Man’s Response to Finding a Wife

It is extraordinary that the first three recorded marriages in the Bible show the man’s response to finding a wife. Adam was excited. Isaac found comfort. Jacob wept. You’d think that Eve, Rebekah, and Rachel would be the ones with their emotions spread across the pages.

First, when God established in Genesis 2:24 that “a man shall leave his father and his mother and hold fast to his wife,” God firmly put the responsibility of marriage formation upon men. He can use the help of his parents and trusted agents, but it is ultimately his responsibility to make sure he marries. Since the leadership in this area falls squarely on men, it stands to reason that the man’s feelings and emotions at the end of his efforts should be noted. Each one of these men had to do something, expend some effort, sacrifice something – whether it was Adam’s rib donation, Isaac’s expense of a caravan and costly gifts, or Jacob’s long-distance journey and years of hard work. It is only appropriate that the man’s duty in fulfilling his biblical obligations be remembered by nothing his emotions at the successful completion of his duty.

An excerpt from Getting Serious About Getting Married by Debbin Maken


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