5 A’s Activity

Little exercise to do in under 5 minutes. Keep the responses and questions short! This is not the time to deal with big issues… Do right before bedtime.

Affirmation – give each other an affirmation about what you appreciated about each other that day

Apology – How did I hurt you today? Each person can only share one incident, after which the person who asked needs to respond with, “I am sorry for hurting you. Will you forgive me?” Try hard not to defend yourself during this time. This is for minor offenses not big relationship issues. Keep it short!

Affection – this is the time to show affection physically. This can simply be a hug, kiss, a love pat or holding hands

Ask – Is there anything I can do for you tomorrow/today? (remember… the whole exercise is under 5 minutes! this is no time for a honey do list.)

Amen – How can I pray for you? Follow with a quick prayer.


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